To Begin

I may have a had imbalanced hormones since I was a young girl. I got my period early (10 yrs). Once established, they were heavy and would last for days (sometimes 14 days!). Then, I took birth control from age 15-27 to help with the symptoms mentioned and with acne. I also used it as birth control. For the last 6 years of my birth control use, I used a birth control called Diane 35. It made my boobs about one size bigger. I got into wearing push up bras that cut my circulation off but, from the attention I got I thought they must look fantastic. When I was around 26, I had surgery to remove a non cancerous cyst from my breast from a doctor who literally said, “show me the money,” to instruct me to take my clothes off. Creepy, right? Anyway, the results said it was a foreign embedded object under my skin. Aliens, obviously. When I was 27, a lot changed. I had met a man who allowed me to be me and even encouraged me and supported me to do so. For my health, we both agreed I go off birth control. Thus, began a whirlwind of symptoms. Emotions, hot flashes, more confusion than ever, night sweats, loss of energy, no periods. Then, I realized my boobs were secreting liquid. This freaked me out. I began blood work. The blood work showed I was lactating and I was not pregnant. There was a bit of confusion on treating it as mastitis since an ultrasound showed blocked milk ducts but, as time went by I focused more on why this was happening. My husband and I had decided to have a baby now. I had my period again. We were told by the doctor that I was likely not ovulating. More blood tests and pee tests! Peeing on paper to test your hormones costs a pretty penny. These showed I have high testosterone, high estrogen, low progesterone, high cortisol and that I was indeed still lactating. Then the doctor said scary things like, cancer causing and you are definitely not ovulating. The hormone levels I have could give me cancer. My mom had stage III breast cancer (currently in remission) :), so this hits home for me. I have also, already had high grade dysplasia on my cervix. The doctor went on to tell me he is quite sure I have a micro adenoma on the pituitary gland but we could likely rule out a macro adenoma. Which basically is a little tumour on your pituitary gland in your brain rather than a big tumour which fucks you up way more. Your pituitary controls hormones, one of them being prolactin. So, a little tumour can press into the gland and secrete excess prolactin. Are you still with me? He also told me I need to relax more. It will help heighten my progesterone. Which, I am totally aware of. So much so, that I practice yoga almost every day. I also believe in its ability to help people so much that I choose to teach it as well. I have however, had to slow my practice down. The doctor recommended I take Parlodel, which I have not. It scares me. I’m supposed to go for an MRI in December but, that’s a long way away. Eating foods rich in I3C’s and DIM such as foods from the cruciferous family will help reverse some of this hormone dare I say, damage. The western medicine doctor, an herbalist, and a Chinese medicine doctor all recommend the herb chaste berry (Vitex) (an herbal progesterone). However, they don’t agree on how often to take it or for how long. I take 1 ml two times a day right now. I am also taking Jia Wei Xiao Yao San (1 tsp 3 times a day). This is a chinese medicinal blend based with Peony. The chinese medicine doctor suggested I essentially go on a paleo, ancestral diet. So, I’m doing that too. I also have CBD oil everyday. This helps with anxiety and I just feel better when I have it. I went to Mexico a little while ago and they have Zika. Which means I can’t try to have a baby for 2 months after coming back anyway. So, I can begin to try to have a baby again in June! I’ll go for blood testing soon before I try to see if these changes I’m making are helping at all. I have dealt with many cravings and quit many habits on this journey. I don’t want cancer. I hope to become a healthy place to birth life for my ancestors. I’ll be using this blog for my own self expression during these times. I’ll also be sharing the choices I make, including my practice and medicines. Take care of yourselves.